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Core Curriculum Walkway Reflection Essay Instructions Composition Instructions and Directions SCU’s undergraduate applications feature a liberal education that promotes students to become independent thinkers who find price in showing their ambitions, on the schooling and who will draw connections between diverse areas of research, and just how their understanding impacts themselves yet others. This Route college requirement can be a chance for one to challenge yourself by explaining and determining contacts between Route courses and considering a concern, challenge, or circumstance of the decision in a way that provides proof your skills like a college The expression essay that is limited encourages you analyze to integrate, and think about what you’ve mastered at SCU inside and outside of the classroom; producing the composition will help you to show and analyze your unique learning activities and just why those matter to you personally. Answer all three inquiries after examining the information of one’s Walkway style cautiously (more often than once) and researching the Tips record and scoring rubric. Designate obviously your Route, key(s), and applicable Walkway courses (e.g. HIST 113, Family in Antiquity) Employ 500 words (approx. 2-3 pages) Employ distinct company (whether you react to all three questions in one essay or even to each query separately, leaving each of the three parts with inner headers) Use polished writing and check carefully Look at the CENTER Publishing Center for aid revising your essay; aim to have the essay signify your results being a Santa Clara scholar. What is an important link that exists when you consider carefully your Walkway concept and lessons you completed for the Path (and, if related, programs within your important)? Browse your Pathway’s explanation. As the Walkway Facilitator considers a overarching subjects emphasized in the Process’s description courses are a part of a Path. Nevertheless, the course coaches are not required to spell the connections out; that’s your obligation. Reflect on the classes think about how understanding within those lessons and you required to complete the Pathway overlaps with ideas and some subjects recommended inside the Route’s outline. How do the responsibilities you finished to the Route for the lessons link? Summarize the bond that you simply have identified insufficient depth so followers not really acquainted with your coursework might comprehend the connection and just how it relates to your Process theme. Identify appropriate classes and the Process style or important by title. As an example, students who is finishing the Politics and Faith Route and who’s majoring in Economics might explain how jobs in specific Path programs taught her to view many ways economics might be related to strict suggestions and techniques and her shock as of this development. What matter, dilemma, or circumstance relevant to the design of one’s Walkway could be analyzed through two of the disciplinary approaches symbolized by lessons within your Path? Troubles and issues that are relevant to a Pathway topic are not consequently simple simple responses are disallowed for by them. Therefore, it helps to investigate problems or those problems employing several disciplinary standpoint or approach. Quickly analyze difficulty or this dilemma from your standpoint of two diverse disciplines that you simply experienced in Process programs. Support your research with specific references to learning inside your Pathway courses and label the related classes. For example, students while in the Sustainability Path who discovers the option of clear water being a problem or issue might reveal and review how two diverse (e.g. A program in executive and something ever–or sociology or spiritual studies) view the situation and the way different disciplinary views (including practices, strategies, or ideas) aim to handle the situation in overlapping or diverging techniques. In what methods has the understanding you experienced in your Route complemented your learning for the main(s), your education overall, or your lifetime activities? You may look at the following, while you echo: Have particular Path courses deepened your comprehension of issues within your major(s) or permitted one to develop a distinct knowledge beyond your major(s)? Ramifications of Pathway understanding for your lifestyle: Do you have a brand new comprehension of troubles that are societal that are substantial? Did you have a version of morals or prices? Perhaps you have designed ways of thinking, obligations, or new pursuits? For example, students in the International Health Walkway having a Transmission key may describe the way the Route lessons he picked in Anthropology (Individual Culture and Nutrition), Critical Thinking and Publishing (Reading Food, Self Tradition), and Public-Health (Community Health), built him think deeper about how precisely a culture of fast food results in bad health and obesity, along with the part he might perform in increasing childrens access to healthy foods. Each year, gifts are given to pupils who produce excellent reflection documents –develop to award one for each Process. Furthermore, those who reflect cautiously on the educational experiences often find they’re able to utilize ideas from their article or Walkway learning how to other experiences and task interviews (for instances discover: / Take note: so that you can avoid a-and- resubmit score, essays need to meet with with the minimum move needs for several four sections of the rubric.

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