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The world is changing. Now everything needs to be on-the-go. People want to be always connected. Our mobile team offers full-spectrum, end to end services across diverse categories such as business, utilities,entertainment and gaming amongst various others. We offer custom development on mobile operating platform such as iOS, Android and blackberry.

We realized the needs of creating mobile applications to extend brand to almost an unlimited opportunity, this comes from the idea that on today’s lifestyle everyone are carrying their mobile phone almost 24/7 wherever they go and whatever are their activities. Sure mobile phones have small screens and small keys. But they are always with you, always connected, and always on. For most people, that is what matters.

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In fact, with emerging technology like iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows application, and Android, the demand for mobile application development has increased exponentially. Those windows app and websites that were more concerned about working on computers before are needed to be run properly even on mobile phones now.

Calytech has extensive experience in Mobile App Development. We have built proficiency in Mobile Application Development over years from our strong client base across Europe, the UK, the US Australia, and a few parts of Asia. Our experts can develop a huge range of mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

iPhone App development

The iPhone app is incredibly producing a great deal in the market. For iPhone App Development, we provide you with a better app, functionality, rollout, and better support. Our reliable and experienced designers and developers are fully dedicated to their work, to provide you with possible stability and functionality in App. We work with better technology and with full satisfaction of customers by providing them better support for the app.

Android App development

Android App development is the fastest growing functionality for mobile development. Our developer provides you with a reliable, fully functional, and customized app for your business brand. We provide you with support and help to give an exquisite view to your Android App. We Design your app with the core qualities of Android. We provide Android App as per customer choice, by testing all bugs and providing final polishing of the App.

Quality and Security

Our Mobile Development Services brings empowerment in business process. Our experts develop solutions as per client requirement and also involve the client in each development phases. We provide you the full security for your ideas. We provide you defect free Mobile development services. Our experts develop solutions as per client requirements and also involve the client in each development phases. The app which our company provides is first tested on emulators then on real mobile devices.

Mobile Websites

Recent media reports suggest that by 2014, over 50% of world consumers will be using smart phones and accessing the Internet from them. We are here to make sure you are ready for this influx of customers seeking information on-the-go. Our team understand a website that is viewable on a mobile device is not the same as one optimized for a mobile device. When developing a mobile-optimized website, we takes into account the smaller screen size, touchscreen capabilities and other functionality of most phones to create a better user experience.