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Want to increase your SEO ranking? CalyTech’s SEO services give you a strong website advantage in the search result.

Our Consultant Services


Whatever your goals is whether building a constituency, raising funds, generating awareness or selling products, build desire, promote a brand or drive traffic. Unika Infocom India can help you identify and target your most responsive audiences, fuelling their interest and inspiring them to take action on your behalf.


Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare and many more. It’s about engaging with social media & social influencers to achieve the marketing and business needs of an organization.
By combining social media optimization, social influence marketing and social media marketing to create powerful message/campaigns to engage the consumers and communicate with them through our client brand.


We understand your company needs to have a comprehensive search result strategy. Combining SEO design principles and search friendly technology, we develop and apply a SEO strategy to the web content which will generate organic traffic. It is all to make the most of your online advertising to bring in new audience and increase your website ranking.


Email is still the most popular technique in marketing. But to be effective, it has to communicate and send a clear message about your brand and what you trying to tell, or otherwise it can create a bad effect and mostly just annoy the targeted consumer inbox. Unika Infocom India team will help you foster a meaningful relationship with your subscribers, engaging them in a respectful, dynamic conversation about your product.

Our Web Services

Our Search Engine Optimization Services includes different strategies to make you site on the Top of the Search Engine. It help you to understand your competitors. We target the most important keywords to achieve success. We look at your on-page optimization and link development strategies to create a customized SEO package based around your specific need and budgets.