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"Goose Empire" features a ton of supporters, but among the favorites is Dad Si. Enthusiasts can’t-get enough of him. On Jan. 13, Huliq claimed that Dad Si got crazy and stop Goose Leader! Fans expect that is not planning to last. Images Watch all 5 images Dad Si felt like he wasn’t valued enough. He couldn’t discover his tea glass which was the straw that is last. He wished nobody and help jumped-up to help it is found by Si so he simply said "I quit!" So he can still generate profits, Si chose to assist Phil work on the house, but he’d not beat Duck Leader anymore.

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Willie even went to engage someone to substitute Dad Si even though everybody knows he will not keep gone. Naturally that did not last extended and Uncle Si is already back at Duck Leader. He also got a to return to function! Have you been stunned that Dad Si quit? Do you consider he’s back for good? Check out his new book that is currently being released Sept. 3 as of this link.

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